Fake Offer to Buy Domain Name

A common scam is to send you a fake offer to buy your domain name for an inflated price, then say you need to have it “appraised” or “certified” for a fee.

For example, someone might offer to buy your domain name for $10,000, then tell you that they need to protect themselves by making sure it’s worth that, or making sure there are no trademark infringement problems. They may then suggest you pay $79 to an “appraisal company” or “certification company” to prove it.

The appraisal company is usually a fake company associated with the person making the offer. They’ll take your “appraisal fee”, tell you it’s worth far less than the “offer” or that there are potential problems with it, and the “buyer” will disappear.

If you get an unsolicited offer to buy your domain name, don’t let the buyer talk you into paying any fees related to the sale. Buyers usually pay all such fees.