Do you support MP3, QuickTime, RealVideo, RealAudio, and other audio/video files?

As long as your video or audio file doesn’t require a special “RTSP” or “streaming media server” (which is normally required only to broadcast live events), it will work. In general, if the file plays from a file on your personal computer, it will play properly from our servers.

Some of the many file formats that our customers use successfully include:

  • MP3
  • RealAudio and RealVideo
  • Windows Media Player
  • QuickTime movies
  • WAV audio
  • MIDI audio
  • Flash

Using files in these formats, your website can support music, videos, movies, podcasts, animations, and many other types of content.

Making QuickTime movies start playing before they’re fully loaded

If you use QuickTime, you need to format your movie in a special way if you want it to start playing before it loads all the way.

Apple calls this “Fast Start”, which is explained on their QuickTime 7: Preparing movies for Internet delivery page.