Do you display advertising on your customers' Web pages?

Unlike some Web hosting companies, we don't ever display advertising on your Web page. No banners, no popups; your site is your own.

Of course, you're welcome to display advertising on your pages if you wish. You can even display an advertisement for Tiger Technologies and earn free Web hosting with our Referral Rewards program.

But I see popup advertising when I visit my Web pages!

If you're visiting your own Web page and you see popup advertisements appearing, that's not from us; it's caused by "adware" software that's been installed on your computer, possibly without your knowledge. Such software will display extra ads for many, if not all, of the sites you visit. Other visitors who do not have these kinds of programs on their computer do not see the ads on your site.

Searching for adware on a popular search engine such as Google will show you many programs that can remove the adware from your computer.