Do you have a Webmail interface without the Tiger Technologies logo?

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We're occasionally asked if we offer an "unbranded" version of Webmail that uses your own domain name in the URL and doesn't display the Tiger Technologies logo.

The best way to do this is to install your own Webmail program as a script on your site. For example, some of our customers have installed their own versions of SquirrelMail, RoundCube and AtMail. That gives you full control over what people see and how it works, and you can also offer secure logins if you use an SSL certificate.

If that solution won't work for you, we do offer a generic version of our standard Webmail interface that works with your own URL and doesn't display our logo or company name. However, this has a couple of unavoidable drawbacks compared to installing your own Webmail script:

  • Because you're using your own URL, you won't be able to make secure SSL connections (the only way to make a secure connection to our Webmail system is to use a URL that includes "").
  • You can't customize the generic interface: there's no way to add your own company name or logo, for example.

For those reasons, we don't recommend using the generic interface. But if you're okay with those limitations, it's simple to use: just add a DNS "CNAME" entry that points a hostname (like "") to

If you're not comfortable editing DNS entries, contact us with the hostname you want to use. We'll be glad to set it up for you.